“Delta-8 has literally turned my life around.” How Ashley finally took control of her migraines”

Chronic migraines made it difficult for Ashley to maintain her lifestyle. The headaches and blinding pain made working difficult, and managing relationships even harder. She tried a variety of prescription drugs, but was turned off by the severe side effects. Then she found Delta-8.

Recently, the DEA made the future of Delta-8 uncertain. When they did, it jeopardized access for citizens all across the country who have come to rely on D8 for treatment, including mothers like Ashley.

There is still time to fix this. But it is going to take a chorus of voices to make the DEA listen. Click the link below to learn more, or go directly to the petition and add your comments.


Link to DEA website and petition: https://beta.regulations.gov/comment/DEA-2020-0023-0001

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