Cannabis Therapy Potcast: Delta-8-THC is legal—but is it safe? With Earl Carruthers and The Prophet

There’s a new cannabinoid kid on the block, and that’s Delta-8 THC. Now that we know the elusive minor cannabinoid is ‘legal-ish’, it’s time to learn more about it.

Find out all the answers to your Delta 8 THC questions, like – is it safe to use?

What are its unique effects? How does it differ from the THC I know and love?

Join Earl for this ultimate THC Delta 8 guide!


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// Timestamps:
00:00 – 04:01 – Intro
04:02 – 04:37 – The Truth About Delta-8-THC – Is it Safe?
04:38 – 05:17 – What You Will Learn in This Episode
05:18 – 09:00 – Delta-8-THC is Legal, but is it safe?
09:01 – 12:37 – What is Delta-8-THC?
12:38 – 20:29 – Where Does Delta-8-THC come from?
20:30 – 29:04 – Delta-8 vs. Delta-9: What’s the Difference?
29:05 – 34:05 – How to Safely and Legally Use Delta-8-THC
34:06 – 37:19 – Keeping Up with the Deltas
37:20 – 39:45 – Key Takeaways
39:46 – 59:57 – Stay in touch!

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